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CSS3 Stylesheets
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CSS3 Web Design

West Texas web designer WLWeb.US offers W3C-valid CSS3 web design plus expert-rated front end development such as PSD image slicing and CSS animations.

For web designers the focus is "what" and for web developers the focus is "how". Taken together in our combined contemporary professional web design and development process (a) document content is dynamically generated via server-side PHP scripting and MySQL database queries then rendered as HTML; (b) application behavior is defined primarily by client-side JavaScript programming and jQuery coding; and (c) presentation format is defined by assigning styling properties (e.g. layout, font and size) to document elements (e.g. forms, text and images) using a hierachically applied set of rules and selectors expressed in a language called Cascading Style Sheets or "CSS".

Industry standards for CSS are promulgated by the World Wide Web Consortium in "levels" rather than versions, the prominent level in effect today being Level 3 or "CSS3". CSS3 was created by expanding and enriching the CSS2.1 specification at its core. Future CSS development has been organized into "modules" with a separate W3C Working Group assigned to each. There are at present more than 50 CSS modules at varying stages of development, deployment, acceptance and maturity.

Expert rated CSS3 Web Design

As expert-rated CSS3 web designers and developers we avoid the eyesores, inefficiencies and search optimization penalties associated with inline styling attributes by using independent stylesheets to separate format coding from rendered content and application programming. We also follow best practices for PSD image slicing, CSS3 animation and responsive web design that are relevant to and consistent with client project requirements and constraints and our internal development methodologies. And to assure professional quality, high visibility and broad accessibility our CSS3 stylesheet coding is validated compliant with all applicable W3C standards upon deployment.