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HTML5 Video/Audio/Media Transcoding
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HTML5 Video

Expert-rated Terlingua web development firm WLWeb.US can convert almost any digital media into a W3C-compliant HTML5 video/audio presentation with fallback.

According to this April 2013 report roughly 83% of the combined desktop and mobile web browser user base is now capable of playing video or audio media embedded in web pages via HTML5 <video> or <audio> tags. Virtually all of remaining 17% can view or listen to Flash fallback alternatives if properly coded in the HTML5 source or presented via browser plugin media players.

That is not to say, however, that all of the different browsers that support HTML5 video/audio are capable of playing the same media formats. There the percentage split is roughly 50/50 between browsers that support WEBM video and Vorbis audio versus those that support MP4 video and AAC/MP3 audio. Support for other media formats like OGG and WMV is also available but varies by user agent or browser.

A key objective of any web media presentation is accessibility by the broadest possible audience, and for HTML5 video and audio that means transcoding the media into multiple formats - which we can do - for inclusion not only in <source> elements but also in Flash fallback players and raw media download links as we have done in these W3C standards compliant HTML5 video examples:

For a sample of HTML5 audio listen to "Marias Theme":