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Local Search Business Listings
Web Developer Marathon Texas

Local Search Optimization

If your storefront is brick-and-mortar, Marathon web developer WLWeb.US can optimize your local search map business listings for maximum market visibility.

Perhaps nowhere has the mobile first mania been more disruptive than in the local search marketing arena. Add to that Góógle's ongoing efforts to migrate its Yáhoo-like Places for Business to its Fakebóók-like Góógle+ (Local) Business Pages and one blogger's November 2012 assessment of the LSO terrain as being a "train wreck at the junction" was not far off the mark. We don't expect things to change significantly unless and until the Big Three - Góógle, Bíng and Yáhoo - stop thinking desktop vs. mobile and start thinking responsive. In the interim, the safe bet is as obvious as it is simple:

Submit everything everywhere but let LSO pros like WLWeb.US do the submitting.

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Our semantically optimized local search submissions literally put your business on the map - at Góógle Maps, Bíng Maps and Yáhoo Maps. Then regardless of whether they're using a desktop web browser, mobile browser or mobile app, when a map user asks where to find a product or service you provide we'll increase the likelihood that it will be your business location, website, social media page or local listing that gets pinpointed.

Local business listings at Góógle Places, Góógle Plus, Bíng Places and Yáhoo Local not only "put you on the map" they can also be a source of substantial free search engine exposure in that all-important first screen of results. When relevant, major search engines will often display a map image and local search listings at or near the top of the first page above their natural organic search results. Combined with Semantic SEO and a responsive web design, a properly optimized local business search submission can deliver thousands of qualified click-throughs without incurring one cent of pay-per-click search marketing costs.