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Secure Payments by PayPal

Please provide sufficient information to assure your payment is properly applied, e.g. "Retainer for web services agreement dated 06/30/17."
Please enter your intended Payment Amount in US dollars, using digits and a decimal point only. The minimum amount is USD $10.00.
We will compute and add a Processing Fee to cover our PayPal transaction processing costs so that we net your intended Payment Amount.
The Total Charge that you will submit to PayPal: The sum of your intended Payment Amount plus the online transaction Processing Fee.
The letter X appears once in the word TEXAS. Please prove you are not a spambot by entering the single digit "1".

PayPal Processing Fee Computation


  • B = PayPal base transaction fee ($0.30)
  • P = PayPal percentage transaction fee (2.9%)
  • X = Desired net Payment Amount to WLWeb.US
  • Y = Total Charge required to net payment X
  • Z = Processing Fee ≅ sum of PayPal fees


  • Z = Y - X, where Y = ROUND(((X+B)/(1-P)),2)