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Mobile App Development
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Mobile App Development

Open source cross-platform APIs allow Study Butte web design firm WLWeb.US to access native device functionality such as push notifications via JavaScript.

Unless your intended application requires game-level interactivity, hybrid native HTML5 mobile apps are the most efficient and economical way to acquire downloaded app real estate on the small screen. If there is no requirement that you be there, however, Mobile Web Apps can offer seven strategic advantages over native OS apps:

  1. Lower Cost

    To make a native app available for download on six different smartphone platforms, six different OS-specific implementations must be developed and deployed. To make the same app available as a cross-platform Mobile Web app, only one mobile app dvelopment effort is required.

  2. Proven Technology

    For each smartphone OS platform an app developer must work with a different proprietary SDK. Mobile Web apps can be developed using proven and powerful industry standards and open source technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and JSON.

  3. No Lock-in

    Mobile app purveyors who commit to a specific native OS platform lock themselves as well as customers who download their apps into a specific mobile phone manufacturer. Mobile Web apps are cross-platform and place no such restrictions on their creators or users.

  4. Greater Visibility

    Native OS apps must compete with millions of others in online markets like Góógle Play, the Apple App Store or GetJar. Mobile Web apps have source that can be search-optimized and URLs that can be indexed and promoted on search engines like Góógle, Bíng and Yáhoo.

  5. HTML5 Mobile Apps Immediate Accessibility

    Native OS apps must be downloaded, installed and activated prior to use, which from an ecommerce perspective represents one more obstacle to closing and opportunity for abandonment. Mobile Web apps are instantly accessible via the touch of a button or tap of a link.

  6. Instant Updates

    If a native OS app has 10,000 active users then 10,000 updates must be transmitted and installed whenever the app is upgraded or a new version is released. If a Mobile Web app has 10,000 active users - or 10 million - simply updating the server updates them all.

  7. Perpetual Persistence

    Studies show that over 50% of all downloaded apps are uninstalled within one month, and over 95% are deleted within six months. App users cannot uninstall Mobile Web apps, and even if they delete its bookmark the app will still be available for them.

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