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Mobile Web Marketing
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Mobile Web Marketing

Big Bend web design firm WLWeb.US develops web marketing solutions combining responsive web design pull with mobile app push notifications to maximize ROI.

Since 2013 more World Wide Web traffic has originated from mobile devices - e.g. smartphones and tablets - than from traditional desktop and notebook computers. That is changing some of the Hows or tactics for web marketing but none of the Whats or strategies, which are fundamentally either:

  • Pull marketing (where they come to you) - which is about gaining the attention of or getting found by prospects looking for the products, services or solutions you offer; or
  • Push marketing (where you go to them) - which is about finding qualified buyers or prospective clients and promoting your products, services or solutions to them.

Pull Marketing on the Mobile Web

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From the early days of Infoseek and AltaVista, the principal medium for pull marketing on the Web has been search engines and the principal determinants of success have been visibility (will they find your web pages) and accessibility (can they view your content). The advent of the Mobile Web brings new considerations for both of these factors, chief among them being:

  • Visibility on the Mobile Web can be heavily impacted by whether you choose to develop a mobile website, a native OS app or an HTML5 mobile app. Mobile web pages can be search-optimized and indexed, native OS apps cannot, and HTML5 mobile apps might go either way.
  • Accessibility on the Mobile Web is an even greater concern. With more than half of all web browsing now being done from mobile devices, fully responsive web design for your main website is mandatory. And if you don't complement that with mobile minipages for Internet-capable feature-, bar-, flip- and other not-so-smart phones you risk missing as much as 90% of your potential Mobile Web market.

Push Marketing on the Mobile Web

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Internet-based push marketing activities have traditionally included search marketing (SEM), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), email campaigns (Opt-In/U.C.E.) and social media marketing (SMM). To that mix Mobile Web adds in-app advertising, location-based services (LBS), proximity marketing, SMS marketing (text message marketing) and push messaging (push message marketing).

Push Notifications: Good Push | Bad Push Push notifications are the enabling technology for push messaging. Generated by a web server or third-party push notification service, these opt-in alerts enable your mobile app to inform its users when new information is available or other monitored events occur even while the app is inactive. And unlike SMS text messages, push notifications are IP-based communications delivered at a unit cost that is often nil. For a quick and easy visual comparison of SMS text versus mobile app push notifications, set them up in your Twitter account and test them out with your smartphone. For a more in-depth analysis of these two inbound mobile marketing technologies read this.

A word of caution: Smartphone users who opt to receive push notifications from a mobile app provider subject themselves to interruption almost anytime, anywhere - and if it's your alert they're receiving at 2:00am in the morning, it better not be to tell them they can save 10% on tube socks. How you use or abuse your "push messaging privileges" can produce results that are dramatic or disastrous, so be sure you research before you release and exercise care and restraint when you do.

For a textbook explanation of "good push" from download this. For a textbook example of "bad push" by Fakebóók read this. For a no-obligation consultation on how we can help you deploy the good and avoid the bad aspects of mobile web marketing please contact us.