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MiniPages for Not-So-Smartphones
Web Design Marfa

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Of 6+ billion mobile phones worldwide only 1 billion are smart enough for apps but 5.4 billion can access mini-pages, says Marfa web design firm WLWeb.US.

According to MobiThinking.com there are more than 6 billion cell phones in use today - enough to put a phone in the hands of 87 out of every 100 people on the planet. It is important to note, however, that the statistic represents "cell phones" and not "smartphones". They define a smartphone as one capable of downloading and running a mobile app and report that smartphones account for only about 1 in 6 or 16% of the total number of mobile phones in use. That means there are over 1 billion smartphones out there, but they constitute only a fraction of the market.

That's bad news for those employing a "mobile first" marketing strategy based on cross-platform Mobile Web apps because it means they're not reaching as much as 84% of their potential market. It's worse news for those who drank the Apple Kool-Aid and bet all their chips on iOS because they're missing all that plus the 79% of the smartphone user base dominated by Góógle Android, or roughly 95% (84%+(79%*16%)) altogether.

W3C mobileOK The good news here is that 90% of the 6+ billion cell phones in use today - including smartphones, feature phones and others - are "Internet-capable" and at a minimum running web microbrowsers comparable to the original Openwave. All of these phones are able to access web pages that pass W3C mobileOK validation, and that is exactly what our Mobile Minipages are designed to do.

W3C mobileOK MiniPages are a smart and affordable complement to any responsive web design and a necessary component for any comprehensive mobile web marketing program.

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