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Online Public Relations + Guerrilla Marketing
Web Designer Lajitas Texas

Online Public Relations

Lajitas web designer WLWeb.US creates online press releases (OPR) and guerrilla marketing campaigns that generate publicity that is free and far-reaching.

Online press releases are an excellent means of generating immediate publicity for your business as well as search and social media visibility for your website. And to maximize the likelihood that (a) editors will approve your release or article for publication, and (b) that publication will have a positive impact from both a Semantic SEO and reader perspective, it is crucial that the copy be written by someone who understands your business mission, marketplace, lexicon and the idioms and nuances of the English language as it is used in your region of the world. Press releases targeting American audiences, for example, should be written by the American PR professionals at WLWeb.US. Our online public relations (OPR) resources include but are not limited to:

In addition to buzz-generating, link-building online public relations, WLWeb.US is also expert at conceiving and carrying out white hat guerrilla marketing campaigns. White hat is your assurance that our tactics are as open and ethical as they are direct and aggressive. Guerrilla marketing means we devise and exploit unconventional methods to achieve results in markets or instances where the competition may have vastly superior resources.

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