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PHP Programming Developers

WLWeb.US is a Big Bend web development firm offering expert-rated and optionally private label PHP/MySQL programming, scripting and customization services.

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor or simply PHP is an open source, general purpose scripting or programming language widely used in the development of dynamic web pages and web apps. It is one of the four components of the L.A.M.P. ("LAMP") web applications platform, which is an acronym for 'L'inux operating system, 'A'pache HTTP web server, 'M'ySQL relational database and 'P'HP. The first version of PHP was written by Rasmus Lerdorf and released in 1995 as Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools). PHP 5 - which incorporated full support for object-oriented programming (OOP) - was released in 2004 and remains the dominant production release. PHP 5.4.16 was released on 6 June 2013 with the Zend Engine 2 forming its core.

Expert rated PHP Coding/Scripting/Programming

PHP is currently used by over 244 million websites and at more than 2.1 million IP addresses around the globe. 78% of those are Linux web servers but it is also available for other operating system platforms such as Microsoft Windows. Popular web applications using PHP include content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, along with several popular ecommerce solutions like Zencart, osCommerce and Magento. In January 2013, these six applications alone were running at more than 32 million sites across the World Wide Web.

Expert rated PHP Programming/Coding/Scripting

As expert-rated PHP programmers, software engineers and web application developers we follow best practices for PHP scripting, embedding, database access, web content generation and secure eCommerce and mobile commerce transaction processing. And to assure professional quality, high visibility and broad accessibility our HTML5/CSS3 and other PHP-generated web page and mobile app source is validated compliant with all applicable W3C standards upon deployment.