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About West Texas Web Developer
T. R. Shirley

Contact White Label Web Development for Private Label Responsive Web Designer

WLWeb.US is home to expert-rated West Texas web developer T.R. Shirley, a top web designer well versed in responsive web design and mobile app development.

WhiteLabelWebDeveloper.com (WLWeb.US) is the expert-rated freelance contract web development firm and private-branded web developer to use for Mobile Web apps or mobile friendly, device aware responsive web design (ground up or WordPress) that is W3C HTML/CSS3/mobileOK validated, WAI/WCAG accessibility checked, internationalization issue-free and handcoded PHP/MySQL and jQuery/JavaScript with embedded media and Semantic Web RDFa metadata or Schema.org Structured Data (Rich Snippet) Semantic SEO. Here are 20 ways we can go to work for you:

Design [+/-]
responsive html5/css3 created by us or converted for you

We can convert your website mockup, PSD images, flash presentation or WordPress content into a fully responsive web design rendered in W3C-compliant HTML5 and CSS3.

Development [+/-]
mobile-friendly device-aware web 3.0 front-end development

We can take any web design, web application, mobile app or other front-end web development project from concept to completion with robust and reliable device-aware functionality.

Scripting [+/-]
php/mysql, jquery/javascript/ajax and perl/cgi scripting

We can expertly hand-code dynamic PHP/MySQL, unobtrusive Javascript/jQuery/AJAX and Perl/CGI scripts that turn your creative designs or WordPress content into responsive websites.

Programming [+/-]
semantic web linked data applications leveraging rdf/xml

We can introduce you to the W3C Semantic Web initiative and Resource Description Framework (RDF) by programming or leveraging linked data applications and R2RML.

Assimilation [+/-]
text copywriting and stock/custom digital graphic images

We can turn your rough outlines into polished web marketing copy and expertly create, select, modify or enhance your photos or other images to complete a compelling web presentation.

Animation [+/-]
jquery sliders, html5 video, flv/mp4/ogv/wmv transcoding

We can create jQuery sliders to replace flash presentations and transcode DVD, FLV, MP4, OGV, SWF, WMV and other video formats for W3C-valid HTML5 video as well as audio embedding.

Translation [+/-]
spanish, spanglish and multilingual internationalization

We can assimilate English language web content then translate it to Spanish and create bilingual Spanglish web pages that conform to all W3C guidelines for multilingual internationalization.

Transaction [+/-]
ecommerce shopping carts, secure payment processing

We can create an online store for you complete with ecommerce shopping cart, credit card orders, inventory tracking, order fulfillment and secure online payment processing by PayPal.

Optimization [+/-]
search engine optimization (seo) for high visibility

We can optimize your website for top rankings and maximum search visibility based on semantically rich content, quality coding and other ethical "white hat" SEO strategies and tactics.

Validation [+/-]
w3c standards compliance validation for broad accessibility

We can create or clean up your PHP/MySQL or WordPress web page source to assure cross-browser desktop and mobile accessibility via compliance with all applicable W3C standards.

Protection [+/-]
computer security, access authorization, backup and recovery

We can devise and deploy computer security, user password access authentication, and website and database backup and recovery solutions to protect your resources in the cloud.

Syndication [+/-]
incoming/outgoing rss/atom/rdf feeds for blogs and websites

We can set up or clean up outgoing RSS, ATOM or RDF feeds to broadcast your message across the Web and do the same for your incoming news, Twitter or other feeds delivering content.

Promotion [+/-]
search-friendly online press release drafting and distribution

We can write and distribute keyword-optimized professional press releases for SEO via OPR in letter-perfect polished American English that will generate both exposure and quality links.

Interaction [+/-]
social media marketing that promotes *you* over them

We can create Fakebóók, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo and other social networking persona and profiles that empower you to exploit social networks rather than be exploited by them.

Affiliation [+/-]
affiliate marketing with *you* at the top of the pyramid

We can help you implement affiliate marketing programs that place you at the top of the pyramid with referrals and revenues running to your links rather than through them to others.

Obligation [+/-]
social cause marketing (cm) and doing well by doing good

We can help you negotiate and implement a strategic cause marketing partnership that pairs your company or brand with a social cause or cause-related organization for mutual benefit.

Reputation [+/-]
managing online business image and brand buzz

We can develop and implement online reputation management and monitoring solutions to foster positive customer feedback and warn about negative publicity and black PR.

Evaluation [+/-]
blog and website traffic statistics and conversion analytics

We can implement blogsite and website traffic statistics and conversion analytics that not only let you measure sales and conversions but also give you fresh insights into your visitors.

Modification [+/-]
wordpress or other source code customization and cleanup

We can modify your HTML/CSS source and PHP/jQuery/Javascript coding - or your WordPress template, theme, plugins, pages and posts - for customization or to pass W3C validation.

Consultation [+/-]
answering your questions and solving your problems

We can bring over 35 years of business, marketing and technology experience and expertise to bear on any web marketing or web development issue you or your clients may have.