Book>Direct at Poor Deployment of a Bad Idea?

Brewster County Tourisim Council | Book-Direct | Bad IdeaThe Brewster County Tourism Council (BCTC) is spending thousands to implement the JackRabbit Systems Book>Direct booking engine at – but is it turning out to be a poor deployment of a bad idea? At least one lodge owner seems to think so. Here is their feedback as forwarded to us by the Brewster County Bulletin:

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Subject: Re: JackRabbit Systems Book>Direct at Just Too Many Hops
Date: 2017-10-01 14:28
From: [A Brewster County Lodging Vendor]
To: [Recipient Redacted]

Thank you so much for all your efforts. Unfortunately for us here at [our Brewster County lodging venue], they are terribly misguided.

Instant Book seems to work for standard locations, and more standard hotels.

  1. We are in Terlingua, an alternative community (oh my!).
  2. We are [a few] miles from the border (hence dangerous and filled with desperate illegal immigrants passing through. Although not the case).
  3. We are handmade houses (even though the photos tell the whole story).
  4. There is a dirt road and driveway to the location (they have to drive slowly and avoid the dips. Oh my!).
  5. There are no stores or chain restaurants (not the normal environment).
  6. Its the desert and has intense and passionate weather episodes (it is hot in the Chihuahua desert in June. Oh my!).
  7. This is Terlingua where Internet, electricity and water can go out for days at a time.

Most Americans can’t embrace some or most of these.

Some hotel owners ignore the unhappy guests and keep their money, and some of us live on site and care about our guests. If someone doesn’t want to be here, I think they should get their money back and find a place they want to stay. Otherwise they will leave Big Bend all together.

So people see the property on the internet, think it could be cool, and press the button to reserve. We set the reservation, and when they arrive, sometimes, they get completely freaked and want to get their money back and leave immediately. So I give them their money back, and I have lost the rent for their dates.

I will not accept Instant Book from anywhere. I have stopped my subscription with VRBO because they demanded Instant Book. [But how] can I fight Brewster County Tourism when I must pay them every month by law? Please find another way to fix your problem. You are going to mess us up big time.

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