Performance Ratings for Drop from A/B to D/E in 12 Months

From 8 August 2016 to 5 August 2017 GTmetrix performance ratings for dropped from “A/B” (Pass) to “D/E” (Fail).

Brewster County Tourism CouncilOriginally established as the Brewster County Tourism Board by an Order of the Brewster County Commissioners Court dated 23 September 1997, the mission of the Brewster County Tourism Council (BCTC) is to promote tourism and put “heads in beds” of lodging venues located in Brewster County Texas outside of the City of Alpine: To that end, the BCTC is charged with planning for the disbursement of a Countywide Hotel Motel Tax with a current annual budget in excess of $1 million:

The BCTC is also charged with keeping Brewster County Hoteliers informed about the Hotel Motel Tax and the activities of the BCTC Board and Staff. To that end, it holds meetings which are open to the public and which all Brewster County Hoteliers and others with an interest in promoting travel to and tourism in the West Texas Rio Grande Big Bend Region in general and Brewster County in particular should attend. The last BCTC meeting was scheduled for 1:00pm CT Thu 7 Sep 2017 at their office location:

Brewster County Tourism Council (BCTC)
Val Clark Beard County Courthouse Office Complex
203 N 7th St
Alpine TX 79830-4615
Map & Directions

Visit Big BendLast but not least, the BCTC is mandated to “administer” Brewster County’s flagship destination marketing website (VBB). WLWeb.US would like to give them a hand with that. We believe VBB would benefit greatly from a total (or at least incremental) speedy secure responsive web design (SSRWD) makeover:

To be assured that a website is leveraging speedy secure responsive web design, its web pages must pass the 12 tests of SSRWD validation. About a year ago, we ran those tests against the home page of At that time, it failed 7 of the 12 tests. Here are screenshots documenting the results:

We recently ran the SSRWD validation suite again. As of now, fails 8 of the 12 tests. Telling is that from 8 Aug 2016 to 5 Aug 2017, the overall GTmetrix performance ratings for dropped from “A/B” (Pass) to “D/E” (Fail). Here are screenshots documenting all results:

Robert Alvarez | Age 46 | Executive Director | Brewster County Tourism CouncilThe web marketing advantages of SSRWD are manifold – not the least of which include improved website user experience and higher search visibility. And yes, already ranks high on search terms like “big bend”, but we would expect that even if the BCTC did nothing to boost it…

At some point, however, the BCTC might want to expand their search marketing focus to target qualified prospects who’ve never heard of “Big Bend” and therefore wouldn’t know to search for it – terms like “texas vacations”, “texas vacation destinations” or “texas vacation spots”, where in Góógle as of this writing VBB is out of the running. Unlike “big bend”, for search terms like these VBB has serious competition, and in contexts like that SSRWD can make all the difference. That focus might prove more fruitful for BCTC Executive Director Robert Alvarez than feeding hungry jackrabbits or hopping the pond on DMO junkets.