Terlingua Web Developer Offers Leadership to the Big Bend Chamber of Commerce

Greetings All,

My name is T.R. Shirley, and several years ago I purchased land in Brewster County with the intent of eventually relocating. Last March that relocation was completed when I settled into my current residence in the Big Bend Valley portion of Terlingua Ranch. Several things attracted me to this area, including the majestic landscapes, the pioneering community and the friendliness of the people. I am a long-distance motorcyclist and especially excited about the potential the Big Bend has as a destination for other riders seeking breathtaking views and ideal riding conditions.

I am originally from San Antonio. I am married and we have three lovely daughters and six grandchildren. My bride La Don currently works in Washington DC – but is working her way to ultimately join me here on Terlingua Ranch. I am happy that the Big Bend region offers so much for families like mine who enjoy tranquility, panoramic scenery and a wide range of outdoor activities.

I share all this with you because it is my understanding that the Big Bend Chamber of Commerce might be in need of significant organizational changes including new leadership. I am reaching out to you to express my interest and willingness to contribute in any way I can. In addition to my passion about the area, professionally I offer an extensive background as an entrepreneur and expert-rated web marketing technologist. Currently I am the principal of WLWeb.US, a web design, development and marketing firm headquartered here.

Prior to moving back to Texas, I lived in South Florida for 15 years. Over those years I was involved with several business networking organizations. So rest assured that if you hand me the reins of the BBCOC, it wouldn’t be my first rodeo. If you are looking for someone with the background and bandwidth to build a better chamber, I’d be honored to be of service and eager to shoulder the responsibility.


T.R. Shirley 🙂
Terlingua Web Developer