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Page Speed Optimization Service Launched in Texas Big Bend

By Web Design Study Butte Texas

Web Design Study Butte offers West Texas page speed optimization to assure higher search rankings plus more traffic and conversions. PSO is the new SEO.

From their headquarters in the West Texas Rio Grande Big Bend, web development firm WLWeb.US today announced the launch of their new PSO Website Acceleration & Landing Page Speed Optimization Service. Over three years ago search giant Góógle stated:

“We encourage you to start looking at your site’s speed … not only to improve your ranking in search engines, but also to improve everyone’s experience on the Internet.”

WLWeb.US believes that website performance in general and web page load times in particular are now receiving increasing weight in the Góógle search rank algorithms – especially in the mobile search context – so consequently they have added page speed optimization (PSO) to their W3C standards-based responsive web design and mobile app development solutions and services portfolio.

According to veteran Study Butte web developer and WLWeb.US founder and owner T.R. Shirley, “PSO is the new SEO. High search visibility and broad device accessibility have always been the primary determinants of web marketing success, and site performance factors such as server response and page load times either contribute to or take away from your maximum potentials for both. For Mobile Web commerce especially, the choices are ‘Be Quick’ or ‘Be Dead’. That’s why ‘Faster is Better’ is our PSO mantra.”

T.R. Shirley’s position on the importance of website acceleration is supported by a number of Internet marketing studies and extensive mobile commerce market research. Amazon pockets a 1% revenue increase for every 100 milliseconds of page load improvement; Shopzilla reduced average page load time by 4.8 seconds and increased sales by 12%; and Mozilla got 60 million more Firefox downloads per year after making their pages 2.2 seconds faster. Walmart reports a 2% increase in conversions for every 1 second of page load improvement and – like Amazon – a 1% revenue boost for every 100ms of load time they shave.

The websites of small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) also have much to gain from faster page loads. As Smartfurniture.com CEO T.J. Gentle attested, “[We] discovered we could make a quantum leap in search engine rankings simply by increasing site performance. Across the board, we’ve seen sales increases because of our improved ranking, with 20% more organic traffic … and 14% more page views.”

Adhering to best practices for website performance improvement and utilizing best-of-breed website acceleration and page load optimization tools, the WLWeb.US 10-point PSO Website Acceleration & Landing Page Speed Optimization Service targets faster page loads by mitigating landing page redirects, minimizing render-blocking CSS and JavaScript, enabling compression, leveraging browser caching, minifying CSS, minifying HTML, minifying JavaScript, optimizing images, prioritizing visible content and reducing server response time. Góógle advises that targeting these ten objectives will lead to faster web pages and thereby improve search rankings – and “faster web pages” is exactly what the new page speed optimization service from WLWeb.US is designed to deliver.