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MySQL vs MariaDB: Comparison, Review & Commentary

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MySQL vs MariaDB

Web Designer Fort Davis Texas compares MySQL and MariaDB with analysis, review and commentary on twin competing open source database alternatives for PHP.

“The similarities between MariaDB and MySQL go very deep. MariaDB is based on the open-source MySQL code. It is a branch, or fork, of the source code. What this means is that the developers have taken the freely available MySQL code and then added to it. As changes are made to MySQL the MariaDB developers review and incorporate those same changes into MariaDB. When installing MariaDB, users will likely notice that while the downloaded package names are different, the names of the installed files and binaries are the same and they are installed in the same locations as with MySQL… When using MariaDB, users may notice that the SQL language and commands are the same between MySQL and MariaDB. The configuration files are also the same, with a very few new, easy to learn, MariaDB-specific parts.”

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“The MariaDB team works hard to continue with full compatibility with MySQL, and they continue to pull in bug fixes from the source. But the new features (and numbering scheme) suggest that, despite best efforts, the two platforms will increasingly diverge… If Oracle adds some new features to MySQL that MariaDB doesn’t adopt, well, those features obviously won’t be available to you. And if you use MariaDB features unavailable to MySQL, you won’t be able to switch back to the latter—provided you had any reason to switch in the first place. MariaDB shows every indication that it will be around for quite awhile, while you can’t really say the same of Oracle’s MySQL. In other words, even though the new features in MariaDB might not be useful to everyone, there is (in my opinion) more than enough reason to ditch MySQL and switch over to MariaDB and stay there.”

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“Your situation should determine whether you choose MariaDB over MySQL. If you have a support contract with Oracle, then the choice has already been made; they don’t support MariaDB. However, several companies, such as SkySQL, offer full 24/​7 support for both MariaDB and MySQL… MariaDB does trail behind the latest official MySQL version by anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on how big the changes are between versions… On the flip side, MariaDB includes many features you might find useful that you will not find in MySQL, and MariaDB eventually will have any new features introduced, after they’ve been vetted and tested extensively… Another reason to choose MySQL over MariaDB is MySQL’s presence in the official repositories of just about every Linux distribution. Installing MySQL is a simple apt‑get or yum away from being installed. MariaDB is working toward inclusion in official repositories, but for now, it is only included in a few.”

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“Bad news for Oracle, maybe: some of the key pre-Sun-takeover MySQL players are back together, and their MariaDB fork of MySQL looks like it’s gaining serious traction… The reunion comes courtesy of a merger between open source database services firm SkySQL (which supports both MySQL and MariaDB deployments for customers ranging from Harvard to Shutterstock) and a company called Monty Program — yes, as in Monty Widenius, who named MySQL after his oldest daughter My and its fork after his younger daughter, Maria… So now we have Widenius and other ex-MySQLers such as Colin Charles back together with players such as MySQL co-founder David Axmark and former MySQL sales director Magnus Stenberg. Actually, that’s underselling the magnitude of what’s happened here: out of the 70 employees of the fused operation (which is continuing under the SkySQL name), 50 used to be at the original MySQL firm.

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