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PHP Outsourcing? Outsource to an American!

By Web Designer Presidio Texas

PHP Outsourcing? Outsource to an American!

Web Designer Presidio Texas cautions: PHP Outsourcing? Remember: “Understands English” does not mean “understands Americans”. Rely on American web developers.

The fact that somebody understands English is no guarantee that they understand Americans. If your customers and employees are American, then so should be the web resources and services intended to support and satisfy them. Sure, the sea of PHP outsourcing sweatshops and hordes of hungry PHP freelancers from Manilla to Mumbai will bust their butts for a bucket of beans, but will the dollars you save today really be more than you are likely to lose tomorrow?

How many horror stories must you hear about offshore language miscues leading to onshore logistical nightmares? If your overseas web development contractor will do the work for a third of the normal rate, but it takes them four times to get it right, how much money have you really saved? How much time have you lost in the process? And how many customers got fed up and flew the coop as a result of your free trade bonanza turned foreign fiscal fiasco?

Some say there is never enough time or money to do something right, but always plenty of both to do it over. We say the prudent will ponder how many “do-overs” their business – or career – can actually afford. GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME: If you do business in America, outsource to an American. Contract freelance web developer WLWeb.US.

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