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Semantic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
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Semantic SEO

Semantic SEO expert Terlingua web developer WLWeb.US combines rich content, targeted metadata and proven optimization strategies to assure high visibility.

Fakebóók may have overtaken Góógle in terms of traffic, but much of that is people posting pictures of their puppies. When it comes time to buy a product or service, 99% of all Web surfers access search engines to find what they're looking for, 97% of all that traffic goes to the first 20 search listings returned, and the lion's share of that goes to the sites with page one "above the fold" search visibility. According to comScore about 67% of those queries are run on Góógle, 17% on Bíng and 12% on Yáhoo. And the portion of those searches run on mobile devices is about 1 in 3 and growing, so we can safely say that going forward the big winners in web marketing will be the websites that combine high visibility with broad accessibility.

Responsive web design in compliance with W3C standards guarantees broad accessibility. High visibility can be acquired through either search marketing (SEM) or search engine optimization (SEO). SEO practitioners - which our spam folders suggest may include every man, woman and child in India - subscribe to one of two philosophies: "Black Hat" or "White Hat". With black hat SEO the objective is to snare high visibility by tricking the search engines - a risky proposition that rarely delivers lasting positive results. With white hat semantic SEO the objective is to identify, monitor and respect search engine ranking criteria and earn high visibility by designing, developing and deploying web pages accordingly.

Expert rated Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At WLWeb.US, our expert-rated SEO services are strictly white hat and applicable on-page or off. Our off-page solutions include local search optimization (Local SEO/LSO), social media marketing (SMM/SMO), online public relations (OPR) and guerrilla marketing. Our on-page methodologies deliver the full advantages of Semantic SEO by combining keyword-optimized source and keyword-rich content with semantically-targeted metadata in the form of microformats, microdata, RDFa or structured data markup for Góógle Rich Snippets - an increasingly important part of...

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