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HTML5 Video
Web Developer Fort Stockton Texas

This video by Fort Stockton web developer WLWeb.US explains 7 key advantages HTML5 apps have over platform specific Android, Apple iOS or other native apps.

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HTML5 Video Transcript

Seven Advantages of HTML5 Mobile Apps

  • Device-Aware Responsive Web Design
  • Mobile-Friendly Front-End Development
  • W3C Standards Compliant HTML5/CSS3
  • PHP/MySQL | jQuery/Javascript | SEO/SMM

More Economical to Develop & Deploy

Native OS apps run on one smartphone platform only. One HTML5 Mobile Web app can run on all smartphone platforms with native wrappers for each.

Open Web Technology vs. Proprietary SDKs

Mobile Web apps can be built and maintained using open web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and Node.js.

No Vendor Lock-In of App Creators or Customers

Native OS apps lock purveyors and users into a single mobile phone manufacturer. Mobile Web apps do not.

Greater Visibility & Search Marketing Potential

Native OS apps can get lost in mix with 700,000+ others at online app stores. Mobile Web apps can be search optimized and self-promoting.

Immediate Accessibility For Lower Abandonment

Native OS apps must be downloaded and activated for use which can be one more obstacle to a sale. Mobile Web apps are accessible instantly.

Instant Updates & No Release Headaches

Updating a native OS app with 10,000 users requires 10,000 downloads. Mobile Web apps updates are instantly available at the server.

Mobile Web Apps Have Perpetual Persistence

Over 50% of downloaded apps are unistalled within 1 month and 95% deleted within 6. Mobile Web apps cannot be uninstalled or deleted by users.

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