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W3C Standards Compliance Validation
Web Development West Texas

W3C Standards Compliance Validation | Speedy Secure Responsive Web Design

Every website, web page and mobile app by West Texas web development firm WLWeb.US is W3C standards compliance validated prior to delivery and deployment.

It's official: Góógle is now giving search rank preference to secure websites. The über search engine is also rewarding web pages that load fast and penalizing websites that are not mobile-friendly. ssRwd is where you need to be - and the only way to get there is with expert-rated web development that passes these 15 tests:

Speed | Performance

PSO is the new SEO. Check your page load times here:

Security | Integrity

HTTP/2 adds speed to the encryption benefits of HSTS. Are your webpages speedy and secure? Test them here:

Responsiveness | Mobile-Friendliness

How do your web pages look on smartphones, tablets, Macs, PCs and large monitors? Find out here:

Semantics | Metadata

Is your website fully intelligible by Man, Machine and Search Engine Spider? Get an idea here:

W3C Standards Compliance | Links

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was established in 1994 to lead the Web to its full potential by developing standards to promote its evolution and assure interoperability. Validating web page compliance with these standards insures that all users have consistent and equal access to the resources of your site. Are your web pages W3C standards compliant? Check them here: